You offer products with different variants and don't want to create every single variant by itself? No problem, we got the right feature for you:

1. Go to products > +Create product or click on an existing product to edit

2. Hit the tab "options and variants"

3. Create all your options at "Add option" e.g. size with the characteristics S, M and L which you save by hitting the "Add"-Button

4. If your product owns more options e.g. additional colours you just create another option like you did before

5. To specify all the variations and combinations you want to offer for your product you hit the button "New variant" where you select size and colour etc. you offer combined. Each possibility you save by itself so that in the end you can find all your variants in the overview.

--> In this case for example all colours are offered in all sizes except size L which is only available in blue for an extra price of 3€. With this freedom you can individualize your product variants as far as you want.

6. Don't forget to save and you are good to go!

In case you are not sure if you saved all possibilities you just hit "Open store" to check by yourself.

This is how it could look like in the end:

Here you can find a video-tutorial on how to set up options and variants!

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