To draw more attention to your products and your shop this article is very important for you. All the possible options are to be explained now:

Edit a product and change to the tab "marketing"

  1. Promoting a product: Tick the "promote" box if you want your product to be highlighted on your front page in case your design template is supporting this feature. Enter a name to explain the highlight (e.g. bestseller or new in)

  2. Price cut off: Also a good marketing strategy. You will find more information to price discounts in the following helpcenter article 

  3. Visual support (video URL): Enter a YouTube URL if you have uploaded a video where your product is shown or tested

  4. Meta title & description: The meta description of a product is nothing more than the keywords or sentences that appear under the title when you google for something specific. It's 50-60 signs to tease your customer. Just make sure to not keep your description too long or to just string keywords together. Otherwise google will probably classify this as spam which will influence your google ranking in a bad way

  5. Google Shopping category: Here you can enter a category under which your product should be found when using the google shopping search. Because this value has to have a specific form we are providing you with a list where everything necessary is on But before that you first have to verify your shop at Google. Find out how: 

  6. Branchbob buy button: This code snippet is for you to integrate to your blog or other websites. With one click on that button your customer will be directed to the product itself if you choose "show product" in the drop down menu. If you choose "buy product" it will directly lead your costumer to the shopping cart with your product already added. 

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