We are not allowed to give you legal advice. The following Information should not be seen as a pro bono legal service.

Why are my legal pages named in german?
The names of your legal pages are prewritten in german because branchbob is a german company which is why most of our costumers are selling on the german market. If you are planning on doing so as well you are able to use the interface to our legal partner site. For 9,90€ monthly you are then legally secured plus your legal texts will be constantly updated to make sure that your shop does not get served notice. How to enable the interface: http://helpcenter.branchbob.com/branchbob-helpcenter-english/enabling-it-rechtskanzlei-for-legal-texts.

If you want to write your legal texts on your own you should invest time in research to ensure that all the necessary information is included. If you are not looking forward to selling on the german market you are free to publish the content of your legal pages in any language you want. Don't forget to rename the pages in your language by editing the page titles.

AGB, Widerrufsformular, what does all that mean?
AGB (terms & conditions): Rules your customer have to follow to be allowed to use your service
Zahlung & Versand (payment & shipping): Further information to your payment methods and shipping options, optional: information to the right of return
Impressum (imprint): Information about your company (name, adress, contact info etc.)
Widerrufungsbelehrung (cancellation policy): A standard withdrawl form for customers of yours
Datenschutz (data protection): General information on how your shop is coping with personal data

Create legal pages

  1. Click "pages" and you will find all the precreated legal pages you have to fill with content
  2. You do so by clicking on the title 
  3. If you rather want to instruct IT Rechtskanzlei München with this task (only for the german/austrian market) you should hit the "To our partner site" button & follow all the further instructions
  4. Under "settings > legal" you can check your legal pages again as well as the setting concerning the cookie notification (allowing the cookie notice is recommended here)
  5. Also upload your own return form here or hit "Use our template" 
  6. If you want to sell on the german market make sure you inform yourself about the "Online Streit Plattform" 
  7. Don't forget: Every shop needs costumized legal pages so copying legal content from other shops is no option. Plus: Legal content should be updated regularly!
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