You want your menu to be arranged in a different way or your font or background colour changed? Or you are experienced and interested in creating an own design template? Then everything you need is to be found under "Designs". To use an existing design template you just need to click "install". You will then find your newly added design template under "my designs". To activate the template you hit the small tick box ("actions"). Don't hesitate trying out different design templates, your choice is always reversable.

You want to edit an existing design template?

  1. Hit the "Edit Icon" ("Actions")

  2. Not every template is editable but on most of them you can at least change the colours

  3. If you are new to coulour codes you can click here to choose and copy the code of your favourite coulour

  4. With the "Reset Button" you can always go back to the original colour scheme

  5. Hitting "Enter pro mode" will lead you to the area where you can modify the code, means you can edit seize, font or alignment

  6. Finished :-)

You want to create an own design template?

  1. Hit "Create costum design"

  2. Enter the name of your design template

  3. Create a  CSS, HTML, JSON, Javaskript or SCSS file

  4. Save and contact us via in case you want your design template to be sold for other shop operators

  5. Finished :-)

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