You would rather want to skip creating every single prouct manually? The product import feature is waiting for you (and don't be scared, it just looks mean at first sight)

Under "products" > "import" we are providing you with a sample file which should serve as a template for you.

  1. Download the sample file here
  2. Open google spreadsheets (with excel a tabular, clear overview is not always possible) and import the CSV file.

4. Now you can fill in all the product details of the products you want to import and at the end you can just delete the sample products

All the column names in a nutshell (mandatory fields bold)

type: enter product or variant depending on what you want to create
product_id: ID-number of your product (ATTENTION: Please leave out these fields, the system will automatically fill in product IDs)
product_title: title of your product
product_short_description: short description of your product
product_long_description: long description of your product
product_published: TRUE/FALSE depending on if you want your product to be published yet or not
product_tax_rate_id: enter tax rate
product_meta_description_int: meta description
product_meta_title_int: meta title
product_net: net price? Fill in FALSE if this is not the case otherwise fill in TRUE
product_track_inventory: activate automatic inventory track? Yes--> TRUE
product_google_category: google shopping category (list with all the google shopping categories here )
product_valid_from: enter date from which on the price discount is valid, format: year-month-day 00:00:00 UTC
product_valid_to: enter date, to which price discount should be valid, format: see above
product_promoted: should the product be promoted (in case your design template is supporting this feature)? TRUE/FALSE
product_highlighting_text: the text which whom your product should be promoted(-10% or titles like "bestseller")
product_original_price_title: explain why your product is not sold for the orignial price anymore (e.g. winter sale or bfcm sale)
variant_id: ID-number of the variant
variant_product_id: ID-number of the product of the variant
variant_default: TRUE if standard variant (if product has no variant also enter TRUE)
variant_price: price in format 10.99 or 10,99 (no currency symbol)
variant_original_price: original price which should be presented crossed out (enter nothing if product price is not reduced)
variant_base_price_description: base price, format 0,95/100g (it's always cut down to gramm --> 4,99€ per kilogram is to be typed in as 4,99/1000g)
variant_weight: weight in gramm
variant_sku: item number
variant_inventory: inventory
variant_gtin: barcode
option1_id: ID-number of the option
option1_title: title of the option (e.g. colour or size)
option1_value_id: ID-number of the value
option1_value: value (e.g. XS or pink)

5. Download the file as "comma seperated value" format file (.csv, current table)
6. Go to "products" > "import" and click on the box to upload your CSV file and you are done :-)

Like this you have a complete overview of your products and in case you want to update products you can just go to "products" > "export" to edit your CSV file and upload it again.

Info: We are working on including images and allocation to categoryies for the import via CSV file. Until then this can only be done manually.

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