Online shop for free? Where's the hook?
There is none, we promise. With your own branchbob shop you have unlimited storage space and the only money you loose is because of our fair transaction fee of 3.9%. Means if a customer of yours is buying a 10€ product you will automatically receive the 10€. At the end of the month though 39 cents will be invoiced. But if you don't sell anything you don't pay anything. Which is why we can only be succesfull if you are.

What is the difference between basic and standard plan?
The Basic plan is inluding no Monthly fees at all. With the standard plan you decide on 1.9% transaction fee only but a monthly rate of 19.95€. Advantages of this plan are the ability to use your own domain and the discount coupon feature.

What is the premium plan including?
You already have an established online store with a great amount of core customers? Then you should think about the opportunity of paying 59.95€ monthly but a transaction fee of only 0.9%.
You can choose and change your plan at any time under "dashboard > choose a plan".

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